Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guest Samayal - Square Egg

Now what do I call this….Square Egg!!

Ok…lets see how to cook this….


Egg - 1

Onion - 1

Curry leaves

Chilly powder - to taste

Salt - to taste


I am always fascinated by the way these English people in the ‘travel and living’ channel cook so intricately. as if they paint a monalisa. so good to watch them create a work of art. So that’s how even I try to look at my own cooking hehehe. I know its way too much..but still, I have tried to make this look and taste as good as possible.edho enaala mudinjadhu. :)

Finely chopped onions…it should be fine…that is when it tastes good.

Now put some oil, amount which u might know, on a pan. Non-stick I would suggest so that u use less oil and you can take the egg ‘square’ easily….apa thaan vecha paerkku mariyaadha…. ;)

And sauté the onion till it’s a little gold….not brown but little gold.

Put a ‘little’ salt and chilli powder and sauté…Put finely chopped coriander and curry leaves and sauté…. At the end of all this frying the onion should still be gold…not brown…so act accordingly ;)

ok…done frying?…sprinkle a pinch of ajino-moto on the top of the onions….

And arrange the fried lot, square and flat on the frying pan….

Break open the egg and put it on the top of the onions….make sure it doesn’t run off the square shape…count to ten and turn the egg over…now the onions you would see are a little brown, which is absolutely ok….so when u feel the egg on the bottom side (previously top ;) ) is cooked….take it off the pan and serve with curd rice…or rasam saadamm….

Or chummavae you can eat it…. :)

Written by: Karthik

From 4thsensesamayal: Thank you Mr.Karthik, for taking interest and sending in your recipe to our blog. We are happy to feature it as the guest samayal this week. :) Keep cooking and keep on sending.


tk said...

thanks madam..but advertisement pathaadhae!!....

tk said...

hey dhodaa!!!...elaa guest kum orae template aa...adinga....othuka mudiyaadhu..give my recipe back....

Nithi said...

OC la feature pannina avalo than publicity. Adigama venumna semmaya charge pannuvom. :)

Harika's Kitchen said...

I loved your blog so much the way of presentation and background your recipes are also excellent..........

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