Friday, June 8, 2012

Snickers Shake


The summer is dehydrating us and we really need some interesting and yummy drinks to rejuvenate us. While I was fishing my fridge to blend something up, I simply came up with this drink by throwing in all what I like into the blender.

Pamper yourself with this simple drink for the coming the coming weekend :)



Snickers chocolate - 1 bar
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 tsp
Cocoa powder - 2 tsp
Chocolate chips



Chop the snickers bar into small chunks.

Blend milk, snickers, cocoa powder and sugar together.

Add some ice cubes and top the shake with chocolate chips :)

Simple and delicious drink is ready :)


Written by: Nithya
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PriyaRaj said...

Interesting delight for this summer....

Gayathri Anand said...

Kids all time fav. Loving ur presentation a lot

sowmya's creative saga said...

kids should love the milk because of the chocolate in it...looks yumm

yamini said...

Nithia is the spoon really made of chocolate where did u buy very cute .

Spice up the Curry said...

awesome. kids will love this shake. love it

Priya said...

I want this rite now,yummy shake.

Priyas Feast said...

Delicious shake...luv choc. spoon..

Jayasri Ravi said...

This is my favourite chocolate, delightful drink, whenever i have sweet cravings this is the only chocolate i ever eat, :)), will give this a try

M D said...

Beautiful chocolate drink Nithya!

Sonali Pradhan said...

I love this chocolate...n what a great idea to use it in a drink !!!the clicks r awesome !!!!!

Pari Cash said...

wow its yummy dear.

do visit my new born blog

Poornima Nair said...

Is that spoon chocolate? awesome clicks and the drink sounds delicious!

Vikash Arya said...

excellent information. thanks fot that. veterans day 2014| veterans day quotes

Helen H Jackson said...

My Kids will love this Snickers Shake

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