Monday, February 7, 2011

Herbal Soup


Chennai weather is still pleasant and infact kind of cold in the evenings and this kind of climate always demands for something hot and spicy. When I was craving for something of that kind last day, I quickly formulated this simply herbal soup which was just too soothing and yummy :)

Having oregano and tulsi in my garden is a boon. It comes handy to treat me when I'm down with cold. Making a soup with them is just too healthy. Not just for its medicinal value but it adds a punch to the soup as well :)



Spring onion(Scallion/Vengaya thal) - 1 bunch
Oregano(karpooravalli) - 5 leaves
Tulsi(holy basil) - 10 leaves
Milk - 1/2 cup
Vegetable stock - 4 cups
Corn flour - 2 tblsp
Sugar - 1 tsp
Salt - for taste
Pepper - for taste



Dice spring onion bulbs roughly. Chop the oregano, tulsi and spring onions into small pieces(Reserve some for garnish)

Take a tsp of butter in a pan and fry the spring onion bulbs until golden brown. Now add the chopped herbs and fry for a min. Add half a cup of vegetable stock and cook the herbs by closing the pan with a lid.

Once the herbs are cooked, allow it to cool for a while. Then grind the it into a smooth paste.

Take the ground paste in a vessel and add the remaining vegetable stock, salt and sugar to it and allow it to boil. Simmer the stove, mix corn flour in half cup of milk and add it to the soup. Let it boil for few more mins.

Sprinkle pepper and the reserved herbs before serving. Enjoy a hot cup of herbal soup :)

Happy making :)



You can replace spring onions with any greens of your choice.

The herbs are slightly spicy, so taste test it before you add pepper.

Skip the milk to have a lighter soup.

Add cream instead of milk if you wish for a rich soup.


Written by: Nithya
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Raks said...

Beautiful clicks nithi with those peacock feathers as props!,Soups sounds flavorful and healthy!

Unknown said...

Yummy soup,too gud presentation...

Sailaja Damodaran said...

Super decoration with a great healthy soup........

Ramya said...

Amazing clicks n presentation..

Unknown said...

healthy and yummy Nits...

Menaga Sathia said...

healthy soup n cute presentation!!

Unknown said...

Healthy comforting soup sure good for cold....I want that bowl of comfort right now. Nice presentation Nithi!!

Pushpa said...

Healthy and flavorful soup Nithya,love your presentation.

Harika baratam said...

Nithya this is very healthy soup..color looks too good.

Unknown said...

That a fantastic soup perfect for the season.

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Pass me that bowl here nithi..Its really very cold and sure this will be comforting one. Clicks with peacock feather is cool..lovely shots.

Muraligeetham said...

yummy soup and excellent presentation !!

Krishnaveni said...

wow, the picture looks very nice, herbal soup looks great

Chitra said...

Wonderful clicks nithi. ur clicks tempt me to prepare this soup ;)

Umm Mymoonah said...

A very comfort and warm bowl of soup, beautiful clicks.

divya said...

what a tempting and drooling soup,healthy too....they look awesome!hats-off u clicks..

Santosh Bangar said...

soup is gr8 sounds good flavour peacock feathers in clicks are superb
as usual presentation is fantastic

Priya dharshini said...

Beautiful bowl with healthy soup..The color of the soup is awesome..

Shanavi said...

Healthy soup with nice aroma..All good features lies there in a small bowl..Love the cuite bowl as well. Again an awesome click Nits

swapna said...

Healthy and comforting soup....beautiful clicks!!

Preeti Kashyap said...

lovely pics and a flavorful soup!!

Suja Manoj said...

Delicious comforting soup,healthy..lovely presentation.

Uma said...

lovely soup. YUm!!

Elaichii said...

didn't know karpooravalli is oregano! it used to be abundant in my house! yummy soup!

Seema said...

Hey Nithya,

As usual your presentation is outstanding. I'm sure this bowl of comfort is a yummy medicine that could relieve cold and cough. Thanks for sharing.


Lifewithspices said...


as usual u rock..n tis soup is really fantastic..u made my day is karpooravalli - oregano i was not aware n i have few pots in my balcony of these leaves n i make kashayam ..will def try tis soup..i buy dry oregano from shop...

Abhilash Pillai said...

Hey! I thought it would be hot in Chennai... anyways nice presentation Nithya

Gayathri Kumar said...

Very comforting soup. Very nice presentation..

chef and her kitchen said...

Never tried this combination..sounds yummy

Anuradha said...

Super healthy clicks! Super cute pics! Nice color combination!

Priya Suresh said...

Wat a healthy and great looking soup, beautiful presentation..

Sranj said...

Oh Nits.. so Karpooravalli is Oregano???!! Thanks for that info!

I have it in a pot and give it to kids when they have cold. Never knew we can make a soup of it too..! this is a great recipe.. Thanks again!

LifenSpice said...

Hey Nithya, I dint know those leaves are Oregano. I researched a bit and found they are called Cuban Oregano and we call them Sambaraballi or Dodda patre. I just love them. Do you have the plant at home?

Suji said...

Wonderfully presented and beautifully captured pictures. Herbal soup sounds like a great refreshing meal...

Unknown said...

Fabulous presentation, Nithya..Healthy n delicious soup..

Priyanka said...

I love your blog and the pics are breath-taking.
Please visit my blog more awards waiting for you :)

Unknown said...

great dish and a artistic presentation :)

Coin genius said...

i never knew karpooravalli is oregano! yesterday i made rasam with oregani and tulsi(inspiration is this post). i worked out like magic. Thanks a Lot!

Lakshmi said...

excellent soup recipe nithi :) i was adding the thulasi i get from temple in my afternoon i will reserve some for the soup :)
nice photos :)

Padhu Sankar said...

I do not know that the humble karpooravalli is oregano .I then googled and found out that there are many varieties and this is also one.Thanks for the new info and nice soup

Nithya said...

After all the doubts raised by blogger buddies, I am still wondering if I said it right!!!

I believe Karpooravalli is Oregano!! but will keep my side safe by agreeing that there are a lot of varieties of Oregano available. So lets not make it complicated. The herb used in my soup is Karpooravalli what so ever it is called in english ;)

Ali said...

the soup looks good, way good to be a herbal soup. Love the way you've added sugar and pepper to make it better in tasting. Great photo :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...


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Teresa Halminton said...

Love this color!! Thank you for sharing!! Herb soup sounds a great choice for rainy weekend :)
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