Thursday, April 25, 2013

Summer special series - Beetroot Chaas

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Summer is showing its full fledged action!!! I am dripping with sweat even though I am sitting under the fan :(

All I do to keep myself hydrated and chill is to have loads of liquids in the form of juices, shakes, chaas and water. 

I made this chaas a day back and it was sure a hit at home. The flavor was fantastic and the light pink color was very attractive.

 photo Beetrootchaas3_zps93d3b392.jpg


Beetroot - 1/4 of a medium sized beetroot
Carrot – 1/2 
Green chilli - 1
Jeera – ½ tsp
Pudina – 10 leaves
Curd – 1 cup
Water - 1 cup

 photo Beetrootchaas1_zpsfb162721.jpg


Grind beetroot, carrot, green chillie, jeera, salt, pudina and ½ cup curd in a mixie. 

Then add remaining curd and water to it and blend again. 

Serve it chill with ice cubes topped with mint leaves.

 photo Beetrootchaas2_zpsfbcf13bc.jpg

Written by: Nithya
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