Thursday, January 5, 2012

Food on Voyage - Italy (Part 3)

Italy 32

Welcome all to Venice - the most romantic and beautiful city built by man !!! :)

We used the Euro rail to travel from Florence to Venice and it is such a bliss to travel along the green and beautiful country side!!

The first sight when you get out of the station is WATER and no roads!!! It was a big WOW expression from both of us. Either walk to the destination or sail! :) Wish Chennai was so! :P

We walked down the street to reach our hotel and then headed for the romantic Gondola ride through the beautiful waterways of Venice :)

It was the most pleasurable experience of our life time :) No wonder it was, when my man was with me!! :P

Italy 40

Venice - the land of masks had a huge variety of masks of their own make. Every single piece was beautifully colored and decorated. It was pretty hard to choose one!! Oops they are of course expensive!

Italy 36

Walking through the narrow streets of Venice counts for an experience by itself. The old buildings and the squares are simply admirable.

Traveling from one place to another is either through private water taxis or through Vaporetto(Water buses) . We choose to walk all the way in the day time and hopped into the buses in the evenings when it became super cold.

The temperature was as low as 6 degrees and due to the water around it was feeling all the more chill and breezy. Thinking back, I pat myself for have managed to enjoy that temperature too :)

We happened to walk through the public market of Venice and found a lot of fresh produce being sold.

The fresh artichokes were so attractive for I have never seen one before!

Lots of fresh oranges and tomatoes were stealing the eyes with their bright colors.

Italy 35

Had a hot Eggplant & Zucchini pizza to feed the hungry tummies. Lip smacking it was with a super thin crust.

Italy 38

We took a half a trip to nearby islands - Murano, Burano and Torcello that evening.

Murano is known for its glass factories and are undoubtedly the best at it.

We got a chance to see a live demo of glass blowing technique. The art brought goose bumps all over.

The below picture will give you a sample of astonishment that I got while I walked through the glass factory and showroom. Could have been the best of possessions a food blogger would love to have, but dint buy them due to the risk of breaking a beautiful art piece :( Sigh!!

Italy 37

Next was the visit to the second island - Burano, which is the city of lace making. The women their are best at it. The fine art with thread is so delicate and pretty.

This is the city of colors too. Each and every building in the city is of different color which makes it super attractive and a perfect location for shooting movies!

Italy 30

Visited the last Island - Torcello and came back to Venice to have a hot plate of spaghetti. It was simply the best of pastas we have ever had.

Italy 39

We bid adiau to Venice and moved on to Milan next for a halt of a day.

Milan - the fashion capital kept us eager as we entered the place, since we were given a great heads up about the place earlier.

Duomo at Milan can given you an architectural shock!! Its so damn big and beautiful. The doves that go around Duomo will make you stay there and admire them for a long time. They are an amazing entertainment for the kids and the crowd :)

Italy 31

A walk through the posh city will surely make you feel the difference of this modern city from rest of Italy.

The streets are lined up with showrooms of top brands like Prada, Gucci and so on..

Their window display is super creative and attractive. It calls one to get into the store but just to get out with nothing because they are filthy expensive. Nevertheless the window shopping experience by itself is worth a billion :)

Italy 43

The window display of Sergio Rossi(above) and Louis Vuitton(below) elephants below kept me look back to them again and again for their elegance and catchy ideas.

Italy 41

Love stories have a good ending and so was my happy trip with a scrumptious chocolaty gelato.

One of the best I had in the trip. They gave us a choice of dark and light chocolate liquid filling into the waffle cone first which was topped with a generous scoop of gelato(ice cream) of our choice.

Italy 33

The last and the best Gelato we had. Dark chocolate lava filling topped with chocolate ice cream and a waffle on top :) I am drooling right now!! Wish I could get back to Italy just for those super duper delicious creamy Gelato :)

Italy 34

Came back at the end of ten short days with loads and loads of experience and memories for life time :)

Love you ITALY :)

Written by: Nithya
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Aarthi said...

wow..what a lovely place...

vivari said...

beautiful pics

Kalpana Sareesh said...

Awesome Pics.. Love the 1st pic a lot.. Perfect couple.. Happy married Life!!!

Nish said...

I've fallen in love with the Sergio Rossi window display & the glass set. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Ramya said...

The pics were feast to the eyes...u both look lovely together!

Vidhya said...

lovely pictures.

Pushpa said...

Nice pictures.

Sumi said...

Lovely post.Venice is a really an amazing place It has its very own charm and beauty..

Archana Chari said...

This is a great set of posts :) The glass set is such a classic! HNY to you :)

Narayan said...

A heavenly place not to miss......

G said...

Nice round up of Italy, especially Venice looks and sounds great! We missed it, hopefully there is a next time ;)
And I too enjoyed the Zuchini/Eggplant pizza, found it quite interesting as I had not heard of it before. BTW, that liquid chocolate pic is toooo good!

Shanthi said...

Lovely place and nice post

Dolly said...

Aww look at that lovey dovey couple !!!. Both of you look great. Beautiful post with breath taking pictures. I'm seeing Italy and having the feel of it through your eyes, Nithya..or should I say your lens(camera)...LOL..Wishing both of you a happy 2012.ENJOY !!! and cherish all the beautiful memories...

Dolly said...

Aww look at that lovey dovey couple !!!. Both of you look great. Beautiful post with breath taking pictures. I'm seeing Italy and having the feel of it through your eyes, Nithya..or should I say your lens(camera)...LOL..Wishing both of you a happy 2012.ENJOY !!! and cherish all the beautiful memories...

sharikahline said...

Lovely snaps as ever! I remember visiting Murano and being amazed by their talent at quickly crafting wonder pieces from glass!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Me... said...

Lovely pics da!!! Happy new year to all of you,.


Archana said...

lovely snaps and great memories. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.
Happy married life.

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