Saturday, April 4, 2009


My wholehearted thanks to all my blogger buddies who have encouraged me with such lovely awards. I am really glad and happy for it. I will always try to do my best to justify your sweet gestures :)

Thanks to Padma, Pavithra, Vedha, Sandhya and Supraja for their encouragement in the form of this award :)

Thanks to Prathibha and Sailaja for giving me this award. I am really happy and would try to keep up the work.

Thanks to Partita, Suchithra,Oc and Anika for this lovely award.

Thanks to Sanghi and Rekha for passing this award to me.

Thanks to Geeth, Ammu, Sushma and Parita

Tanku Sandy for this cute award

Thank You Sandhya

Sandhya thanks a lot for the award

Thanks to Geetha Achal for this lovely award

Thanks to Priya and PriyaRaj

Thanks to Parita and Menaga :)

Thanks to Kitchen queen for honoring me

Thanks to VineelaSiva for giving me this award

Thanks to Priya and Priyaraj


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