Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Samayalukku Fresher!!!!!!

College mudichu oru 20-24 vayasula irukara yella ponnungalayum periyavanga kekura orey kelvi "SAMAYIKA THERIYUMA?".

What a terrifying question can it be. We have always seen kitchen as a place meant for mom or cook and for sure not for us. At the most we would have made coffee or tea, may be at times we would have made rice.. Tats it. But a sudden change in age would demand us to know a super complicated magical mystry called COOKING. Hmmmm might sound simple. But blending the right things rightly in right proportions to right royally flatter your family is a BIG challenge.

Does this talent come by birth? or does god appear from no where and show a beam of light on you, giving a boon to cook super good food?? or does a little of mom's gene gifted to you help you out???

No NO no none of these. Its just the fourth sense of TASTE, that drives you to cook good food.

So I am here to test my taste buds and to put down the recipes that I tried on this blog.

Disclaimer: I am new to kitchen! There could be very experimental stuff out here. But I will always try to make sure I test them on the scape family members before I give the secret out here. :):):)


tk said...

hey Nits!..u write so well...kewl!!... :)

Vedha said...

Hey!! Add followers!! I want to follow this blog!!

Alvi said...

sexyyyyyyyyy 2 d coreee!!!

Me Gonna tryyy ryt now...!!!

Naarya said...

Hi Nithya,

Nice blog! Nobody would beleive you are a beginner looking at the list of recipes you have. Your photos of the dishes esp are very tastefully taken and presented. Awesome work!


Abhilash Pillai said...

Samayika teriyuma!?

ha ha... I know there is no use of this question now... you are a good cook...

Amme! and I am not any periyavar haa! hope you do not confuse...

Why are the periyavar concerened about your cooking...

A cool advice... Drop them a lot of salt in any recipe and they will never ask this question again... :)

You can also use Vijay's dialogue...
nee samacha piece .. naan samachal salt maas... not matching :(

I know... what to do a great difference between me and Vijay...

Nithya said...

Karthik and Vedha: Thank you, my best buddies.

Alvi: Sexy!!!!!!!!!!????? ha ha ha ha..

Brinda: Thanks buddy. But then its true that I am a fresher. All the dishes here are made for the first time. But relax. I test them and put them here only if they come out really well. :)

Abhi: It becomes like a norm when we are born as girls. The expect us to be good at it. ;) And not a bad dialogue buddy. ;) Will try to do what you said next time. But pretty sure they wont turn up home again for lunch ;)

Kalai said...

Hi Nithya, nice blogs. Great recipes and photos.Am greatly inspired by your way of presentation and writing style! I am a newbie for cooking..and i started blogging too..Do visit my blog sometime.
Your craft blog also rocks!

Kalai said...

hi Nithya, Ignore this comment. I posted the last comment through a wrong id.
Visit my blogs here.


Anonymous said...

just wanted to see how it all began !! great ;)

anuradha said...

dear nithya,
i used to c ur art nd craft site, luckly saw this site last week. tried few things. really good. great job. keep it up.

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