Friday, September 21, 2012

My First Live Baking Demo


I have graduated just a step ahead, from experimenting level to teaching level. Oops sounds like a dream already :)

Yes! I did my very first cake baking demo session for a group of 35 enthusiastic women. The occasion was Rotary club Ann's meet and I got a call from one of the members who was part of the hosting group. She has been following my blog for a long time and has appreciated my work many a times. 

She asked me if I could do a simple cake demo for them! I was completely nervous, thrilled and anxious when she said that. Couldn't deny her request but was completely scared to do it since it was going to be a demo for 35 home chefs who have been expert in their kitchens. 

Will I be able to convince them with my baking? Will they like my demo? Will the cakes come out well? Will I explain the method properly? Will I stammer? Will I be able to answer their queries? and so on and on and on was running in my thoughts.. But finally patted my back myself and boldly accepted to do the demo for them since its just going to be a demo of my very own PASSION - Baking :)

Check out 
Recipe for Dark Fantasy Cup cakes. 
Recipe for 1 min microwave cake.
Recipe for eggless orange cake.


I showed them a demo of simple eggless chocolate cake baked in two methods. First one was a quick magical 1 min microwave cake and second was the convection mode method for the more traditional baking experience. 

The demo session went on for 45 mins with keen listeners. The microwave cake was whipped up in minutes and the magic was completely putting all of them into a lot more of enthusiasm :) I was by then pretty comfortable talking loud and giving instructions. We had a couple of jokes cracked for the ice breaking and all were set in a good mood for the next cake. 


Next I baked dark fantasy mini cup cakes for them. It was so much fun to fill the mini cups with batter and anxiously wait looking through the glass of the oven to see it raise and I hear clap clap clap from the audience. Baking is truly magical and brings a lot of smiles :) 

Meanwhile I taught them all to whip some fresh cream, flavor them with some coffee powder and pipe some peaks on the cute like cuppy cakes :)

The picture below would show you the enthusiastic ladies try their hands on piping cream :)


Oh yeah! I forgot to introduce the large birthday cake that I baked for CM! 

Lol.. If you thought it was Chief minister, then you are wrong. It was the birthday of the host  couple. 

Guess what?! The husband and wife both were born on the same date of different years. Isn't that cute and interesting?! :) I was so happy to take their birthday cake order and baked them a large 2 kg cake of orange and vanilla flavor. You guessed it right. The man likes vanilla and the women likes orange so it was a blend of both flavors for them :) 

I baked a 4 layered cake with orange and vanilla alternatively. I so wish I could post a picture of the slice showing the alternate flavors and colors but no no says the birthday cake :( 

I used fresh cream icing of both the flavors and did a decent piping work I guess :P 

The couple and the guest enjoyed the demo as well as the cake :) 

It was perhaps a day to remember for me :)


Written by: Nithya
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Zareena said...

You are an amazing all round baker dear. Lovely and mouthwatering cakes.

Archana said...

Congrats and wow. You seem to have enjoyed yourself a lot. IS the dark fantasy on your place? Will check if not can you please post it?

Priya Sreeram said...

superlative ! would love that dark fantasy recipe please !

hotpotcooking said...

Congrats Nithya. All the cakes looks delicious.

Pari Vasisht said...

Way to go dear. I'm so happy for you. hearty congrats and a big hug!!

Perspectivemedley said...

Congratulations!! the cakes look delightful :)

Manasi said...

Congratulations! judging by the pictures, that was one great demo!
Love the cake decoration.

Square Meals said...

Congrats on your dwmo..I bet it was fun. The orange cake looks gorgeous.


Az said...

You are a pro.. no need to be anxious or nervous.. this comes to you naturally..

Love the orange vanilla cake...

Unknown said...

Looks absolutely beautiful....nice color combo too...Congrats, way to go!!

My Kitchen Antics said...

the dark fantasy cupcakes and the frosting looks so damn cute and ofcourse the birthday cake looks great as well. great achievement nithi congratulations

Kalyani said...

wow that amazing job !!! Congrats ...
Cakes r looking so tempting .......

Suja Manoj said...

Congrats dear,you rock!
love the cup cakes and the b'day cake decoration,elegant.

turmericnspice said...

Amazing....i love the cm cake !! Congratulations u r an awesome baker !!

Unknown said...

Amazing!!! Congratulations!!!


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Hamaree Rasoi said...

Excellent cake. Looks you enjoyed the event completely.

Poornima Nair said...

What fun!! Way to go and the orange vanilla cake looks fabulous!

notyet100 said...

Cake looks gorgeous :)

Aishu said...

Fantastic dear :) HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS on your baking demo :) :) :)

Aishu said...

Fantastic dear :) HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS on your baking demo :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

congrats Nithya ..... any you really rocks..

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the five o'clock teaspoon :: said...

Always admire your baking ;) Congrats!

CinnamonNChillies said...

Each and every one of them look so smashing!!! You seem to be a natural baker.."born with it" kinds :-) The pictures are lovely too..they speak a lot about ur passion..about baking and all the things around it. My favourite one is the orange one, love the flavour. Love the decor you have given to is absolutely flowing!!!Good going!!

best foods said...

Badam Halwa!!! Your mouth would start watering by just saying the word isn't it! –

Unknown said...

Wow Nithya you are amazing!!! not only are your recipes wonderful but the presentation and pictures are mind blowing and very encouraging

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