Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Butter Murukku for Indian Cooking Challenge

Butter Muruku

Butter murukku or Jantikalu has been my ever favorite in savories. When this recipe was selected for Indian Cooking Challenge this month, I was pretty relaxed since I had posted it earlier. I dint want to make it all over again since there were loads of savories at home. So here I am reposting the dish for the challenge. :)

White/ Plain Butter Murukku (Jantikalu)


Rice flour - 5 cups

Urad dhall flour(fry in dry pan and powder it) - 1 cup
Butter - 50 gms
Asafoetida - a pinch
Cumin seeds - 2 tsp
Salt - for taste


Beat butter nicely in a plate and add all the other ingredients to it and mix well. Partition the mixture into multiple parts. Take one portion of the above mixture and add adequate water to it to make dough. Now put the dough in the muruku maker and squeeze it in the oil and fry till it becomes crisp.

Note: Do not mix the entire mixture into dough at one stretch. Doing that would lead to change of color of the dough when left alone for a long time. So make the mixture into dough by adding water as and when required.

Butter Muruku1

Now to make it more interesting, lets add flavors to the same dough.

Orange Butter murukku

Add little chilly powder and food color orange or red along with the above ingredients and make muruku in the same way. This would give you a gharam flavor and interesting look and feel.

Green Butter Murukku

Grind coriander leaves and some green chillies(accordin
g to your taste) very finely and add this to the above dough and mix well. This would give you the flavor of coriander leaves and would be hot with chillies too.. :)

You can make another variation of using mint leaves too.

Butter Muruku3

Yellow Butter Murukku

Add a pinch of turmeric power and a little lemon extract to it and mix well. This would give yummy flavor as well as attractive color to it. :)

Butter Muruku2

Along with this post I wanted to make a reminder for our ongoing event - "Garnish the Dish". We are happy to get a lot of entries so far, but we are pretty sure that lot more of you would be interested too. Do take part and make us more thrilled. :) Last date to send entries would be October 6th.

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Anu Nandu said...


As usual - this looks awesome - I love that you added flavors and colors to the basic murukku recipe - perfect way to entice kids and everyone!

I love love love the pullaiyar you made with murukku maavu. And you were so thoughtful to even give him a kozhukattai in one hand! Wow!

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Hello Nithya, Hope ur doing great!

Butter Murukku looks excellent, very nice click. And congrats on ur recipe published in Hindu. Ur a star u shine everywhere:)

lata raja said...

Hey Nithya! lovely Ganapathy with murukku maavu. I make varities too usually greenchillis and coconut, thallaki juice etc. My Chinese neighbour learnt from me and added fish flavour to indulge her girls!

Parita said...

Wow murukku looks super delicious and so colorful dear :)

Menaga Sathia said...

woww murukku looks colorful and yummy yummy....

Priya Suresh said...

Colourful murukkus looks gorgeous..

Abhilash Pillai said...

Nithya this murukku looks crisp..

Here murukku in kerala is a round snack... and we call this as madhura sevai...where we add sugar instead of salt...

You are awsome... you made all types of murukku...

and the slang in the video... my english is not a malayalam slang.. it was just to tease Jk by presenting that way...

I was born and brought up in North so my slang is not like malayalees.


I hope you enjoyed the video... The recipe and prepration was to energise the boys at room... They have become lazy...

To say a secret, I know to prepare almost all dishes... mostly all... and the taste is no sugar more or less, no salt more or less, no spice more or less... everything in balance...

This cooking is from a boy who is pass out from the shaolin temple of experienced Mother... ki kyo kyu...

;) kidding

keep preparing such interesting dishes...

and you said you are also a naughty girl ... what nautiness you did...

did you Beat any boy?

I am a good one... :)

Unknown said...

Murukku looks crisp n gorgeous nithya...Love your creativity!!!

Aps Kitchen said...

Y cudn I make then so crisp nd nice :( :( :(....... U made it luk awesome :)

Sailaja Damodaran said...

wow!!!!!!! send a parcel pl....looks very tempting

Sreelekha Sumesh said...

Hii Nithya...

First time here..Very colourful murukku..looks very delicious..

Vibaas said...

nithya, murukku looks awesome. more than the murukku i love your pillayar, pillayar being my fav :)

Saritha said...

Your blog is beautiful with yummy recipes.

Muruku looks awesome.

Liked ur craft blog :)

vidhas said...

Very creative idea for colourful murrukku. I love that pillayar so cute. You are very creative Nithya.

ST said...

Murukku looks colorful and gorgeous:)

Uma said...

what a colorful way to make murukus. look so tempting. Ganesh idol in the middle is so cute.

Sushma Mallya said...

very colourful murukku...Lovely pic too..

Kanchan said...

As usual Nithya , Dish looks awesome!
Hats off to your creativity dear :)

Unknown said...

Looks colorful and congrats on getting selected for the challenge!

Malar Gandhi said...



Jeyashris Kitchen said...

wow yummy murrukus.Will surely going to give a try of the orange murruku. nice click nithya

my kitchen said...

Muruku with excellent presentation. Especially Ganapathy looks so cute nithya.

Sandhya Hariharan said...

Wonderul pic...s & murukku tooo

Ganesha.. in the pic.. makes it more welcoming...

Gita Jaishankar said... the multi-colored murukkus Nithya...the Ganesh idol in the middle looks cute :)

My cooking experiments said...

Hey this is a wonderful idea.My first time here.I have just started blogging.Pls visit my blog and post your comments.Mine is nothing compared to yours but still i am inspired by your blog and would like your feed back.

Raks said...

I like the first pic! what a classy one! Ggreat job Nithya!

Malar said...

wonderful murukku..send it to me :)
good creativity nithya...

Namitha said...

Though you call yourself as a fresher to the kitchen, your recipes don't look so :-)murukku looks awesome

Unknown said...

Nice one and loved the colored ones, very interesting.

Unknown said...

You are so creative Nithya. I am telling this in every comment I guess! WOuld love to try the green murukku!

Rohini said...

I wish I could be sooo creative like you Nithya!! Awesome presentation.. We can never compete with you guys! :)
BTW, pls collect your award from my blog dear! :)

Ambika said...

Dear Nithya, Thankyou so much for your encouragig words!!!! It really made my day! Happy Blogging!

Aruna Manikandan said...

Thanks Nithya
I am an admirer of ur carrot soup as my one year old daughter likes it a lot

As u said this success is because of my brothers and their friends.

I was also very much shocked and surprised to see the announcement this morning as you were leading in the polls last night.

Expecting to learn more recipies from u

Nima said...

wow...looks very crispy

lissie said...

awesome presentation! murukku is my favorite...
Thanks for visiting my blog! you have a wonderful space...!


Ambika said...

Hey Nithya, You have a beautiful blog with awesome pictures. Please accept a 'Giant Bear Hug' from me at my blog.

Unknown said...

Heyy collect your award dear.its waiting in my blog 4 U.

Vidya Rao said...

Great presentation! Murukku looks tempting!

Deepthi Shankar said...

wow love the colored murukkus .. looks absolutely tempting .. yum yum

Sunitha said...

Good one! Like the color combination of the decor!

Divya Kudua said...

Murukku[s] look excellent..:).I struggled to make it and you come up with 4 variations..;).As usual,great presentation!!

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