Monday, September 9, 2013

Ganesh Chathurthi 2013

 photo Ganeshchathurthi_zps47d264f3.jpg

Wish you a very happy Ganesh Chathurthi :)

Ganesha is my most favorite God!! A versatile handsome god who disguises himself is so many forms and styles. He is the most friendly god seen almost in every streets in India and the first god who is prayed during all festivals. Today being his day, we of course had to celebrate it with pomp and joy :) 

 photo Ganeshchathurthi2_zps122ed733.jpg

We bought a new clay Ganesha this morning from the nearby market. I just loved the market space today, it was filled with people and vendors selling Ganesha idols of all sizes and decorations, loads of flowers, fruits and other products specific to the occasion. 

I enjoyed draping my Ganesha with new clothes and jewels. Doesn't he look smart!!???

 photo Ganeshchathurthi1_zpsf2ee16d6.jpg

Then comes the delicious prasadams that he loves. I made lots of Kolukattai / Modak with sesame filling and cashew filling this time. We also made a grand lunch feast for god today and offered it to him :)

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 photo Modak_zps14ca2207.jpg

Hope you all had a great festival too. After a long weekend here in India, wish you all a great week ahead too :)

 photo Ganeshchathurthi3_zps2f9b3c22.jpg

Written by: Nithya
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Kalyani said...

ganesha looks very cute ...

Unknown said...

wowlovely photographs and you have decorated lord ganesha 's idol so well :)

Unknown said...

lovely decor...

jaya's recipes said...

wonderful decor and photos

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