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What's Special? - Proddatur (Andhra Pradesh)

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All of us travel quite a bit during our life time visiting various places for various reasons. I as a foodie and blogger love to try the special local cuisine be it from a star restaurant or even a road side joint. If its called the special of the location then I am in for it :)

"What's special" is going to be a series of special food joints or rather the special food of the places that I visit :) Those who are familiar with it will reminiscence it and for those who are planning to go can try it! :)

First of What's special would be Proddatur Dosa! :) 

Proddatur part of Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. I got a chance to visit this place a couple of weeks back. 

A small cozy village with small busy streets filled with shops and buzzing business. Gold and cotton are the major business over there and this place celebrates Dasara festival in a grand scale. 

Subramaniyam Dosa Corner - A small road side dosa stall is located near the Ammavarisala temple also known as Sri Vasavi Kanyakaparameshwari Temple in Proddatur. 

This shop is so much known for their super spicy delicious dosa! The first time I heard about it, I was so thrilled of the concoction of spices used and the ghee dripping dosa and made it a point to visit the shop. 

The Shop looked so very ordinary but with an extraordinary chef who was making dosas within a wink of the eye! 

Yes you need to jaw drop like how I did when I reveal the price of the dosa. There are varieties of dosas ranging from Rs.50 - Rs. 500. Yes you read it right!!!! The dosas are so delicious and on demand that the rates are super high but kind of worth it too :)

 photo 9_zps6c125685.jpg

The dosa batter seems to be a bit different. The locals say that the proportions of rice to dhall that he uses is the trade secret and no one knows it other than the chef himself. 

One other person said they make a porridge with soaked ground rice batter and mix it with the dosa batter to get that super crispy dosas! :) Shhhhhhhh no one knows it right!

 photo step1_zps5af4f170.jpg

The dosa is first made on the traditional iron skillet. Not so thick nor so thin! 

Then it is flipped and comes the spoon full of melted ghee to roast the dosa. 

 photo Step2_zps135c7bf6.jpg

The dosa master then drops a dolop of red chutney made with xyz ingredients but lip smacking spice is added. 

Then comes the green chutney. He quickly spreads both the chutneys evenly. 

At this point he adds more chutney if you ask for extra spicy dosa!!! I bet no one on earth eats spice like an Andhraite! Steaming spice I say!!

 photo Step3_zps368bf08d.jpg

Now again a spoon full of ghee is poured on the dosa to pacify the spice!! Oh it really adds to the taste I say. 

Next comes the finely chopped onion and tomato. Fresh and juicy tomatoes add so much to the taste and makes the dosa heavy into your tummy. 1 dosa is good enough for an average eater like me. 

 photo Step4_zps41cc23df.jpg

Last is the super secret powder that is sprinkled generously. Almost a handful of it on the dosa makes it smell, taste and feel so good. I was really not able to guess the ingredients in the powder. Some say its dried tamarind leaf powder with other spices, but his combination is again a secret. 

 photo 10_zps5f4a0ec2.jpg

Thats it! The ghee roast dosa is ready! :) This was super delicious and worth all the money!

The higher the value of dosa the better the taste and better the ingredients! I heard he adds all dry fruits and nuts to make the most sought after dosa worth Rs.500! :) 

Oh no I dint try that :( There is always a next time and a time for you all too! 

Written by: Nithya
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kailash said...

I am from proddatur..and this post made my day :-)

Swati Sapna said...

Lucky you! I would love to try this guys dosas too Nithya... Looks absolutely smashing. And ur right, the whole fun of travelling to new places has got a lot to do with discovering local food :)

Anonymous said...

Wow there are so many secret ingredients in the dosa! Diod the chef tell you what was in it? What an amazing photo blog with so many different places in our country that we have never even heard of!


Anonymous said...

very nice blog I have bookmarked for future use

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Shruti J said...

Lovely one!!! I can have this plate anytime of the day... :)

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Sindhu said...

Proddatur isnt a village!! It's quite a town!!

Deepa said...

Lovely blog of the Dosas. I myself have eaten them many times and can vouch for their taste. But roddatur isn't a village. It is very much a town.

Unknown said...

Proddatur is more than a town.. I remember this dosa price started at 14 rs.. I think now it is around 300+.. Must eat dosa..

Unknown said...

yes i too heard about it i would like to see when i visit next time

Unknown said...

Really Amazing Dosas he makes. Every visit of mine to Proddatur does not complete without enjoying this dosa.

Infact, this happens to be my in-laws place too!

Unknown said...

Super blog and never expected one on childhood eve snax...missing it so much..mouth-watering dosa's..probably cant eat it in mere 1 yr future coz im in US....really missing it :-(

Unknown said...

proddatur is a famous city in rayalaseema

John Smith said...

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Bhavana said...

Thats my hometown.....and more than to meet my granny i go there to eat his dosas....

sandeep said...

Glad to see a blog with interesting things of my hometown.Coming to dosa...I do agree its worth of having it....very delicious....also Dasara celebrations...they are pride to PDTR...

Unknown said...

Dosha's are so famous and shop is super rush at any time in the morning and evening. This year when I went to PRODDATUR for dhashara festival, I got the dosha's in Black ( paying extra like black tickets) on festival day because of too many people waiting for dosha.. Amazing doshaaaaaa...

Vamsi chand Reddy said...

Iam from proddatur,i heard abt this from many people. But i did not eat till now,as soon as possible i will eat this

Unknown said...

Hi Nitya,

I am from proddarur. Your post made me so sick that I started missing that yummy dosas. Actually proddatur is famous for dosas. In my childhood I use to get dosas from Rs.1 to Rs.200. If you are interested, I can tell you some more places where you can get different kind but delicious dosas

Unknown said...

Hello amith

I would like to know few more places in prodattur where I can get different kind of delicious dosas would help me I am looking for it

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I was in Proddatur in my childhood and even in early 1990s, one dosa used to be some 25/- but worth every single penny. Whenever relatives come to our place, I used to rush to this subramnyam 'anna' angadi (shop).. wait for some 1 hr or so just to prove what does 'tasty' means.

ohh myy godd... my mouth started watering.. :)

There are several other street food corners in Proddatur and Idly Subbarao is one such a guy who bought a mansion and a very big shopping complex only because of his tasty idles, again back in those days.

Palakayalu.. papbillalu.. palakova.. ponganalu.. thangedupalli mithai.. vimurthy..karjikayalu.. my goodness.. I know people who bought gold in kilograms only because of their food businesses. They are that talented and the food will be damn yummy.

Go Proddatur during Dusshera and you will remember Thototsavam (6th day) & last day nagara sancharam, for lifetime.. :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Right now there is no dosa shop. Sad thing but true. He stopped the business and shifted to Chennai where his son working for mnc

Unknown said...

I am sad to know that Proddatur is called as a small be frank it is more than a town and now special grade municipality in AP.Proddatur is famous for not only dosas,educationaeducational institutions,Gold business etc

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Unknown said...

Right now there is no dosa shop. Sad thing but true. He stopped the business and shifted to Chennai where his son working for mnc plz Check

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phaneendhra said...

Nice but the person was not in proddatur now

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