Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crème brûlée


Wish all my readers and lovers around the world a very happy Valentines day :)

Oh yeah!!! Nothing in red or pink, no hearts or no chocolate this year! I choose to be a little different. 

I tried this recipe from Nisha's blog but replaced the cream with full fat milk to make a lighter version :)



Double cream (I used full fat milk instead of cream) - 250ml
Vanilla extract- 1 tsp
Caster sugar- 50gms + enough to sprinkle on top for caramelizing 
Egg yolks- 3 



Take egg yolks in a bowl and beat it along with caster sugar until light and fluffy. 

Boil the milk or cream in a saucepan. Reduce heat and keep stirring so that a film doesn't form on top. 

Preheat the oven to 150 degree C. 

Increase the flame and bring the milk / cream to boil. Stir in vanilla essence. Remove from flame and pour it over the egg mixture little by little and whisk briskly. Keep beating until it becomes slightly thick. The mixture thickens since the eggs start getting cooked. 

Now pour in the mixture into ramekins until 3/4th full and place them on a large baking dish with water at least half way up the sides of the ramekins. This process of baking is called Bain-marie. Put the baking dish on the center rack of the oven and bake for 25 - 28 mins until the pudding is done. It is very much fine if the center is wobbly, it will set when refrigerated. 


Remove the pudding from the water and refrigerate it for atleast 3 hours. 

Just before serving remove from fridge and sprinkle caster sugar evenly on top of the pudding and caramelize it using a blow torch.  You can use a grill or broiler too. 

Enjoy eating your home made creme brulee :)


Written by: Nithya
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Savi-Ruchi said...

Am still wondering what to cook for my love :D

Suhaina said...

looks yumm. nice clicks.

notyet100 said...

Delcious ,wish I could taste this right now,,.

Shasrine said...

Thanks for the recipe. Will try this soon.

Archana said...

Wish I can dip my spoon in this delicious treat.

Unknown said...

Beautiful dessert :) Happy Valentine's Day :)

Unknown said...

so yummy and so delicious!!!
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Priya Suresh said...

Even i love creme brulee,my all time fav..Cant take my eyes from ur click.

Unknown said...

wow this is so awesome and so inviting....beautiful clicks...
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Unknown said...

The creme brulee looks delicious! I love your use of the blow torch!!It adds to the effect!!

My Kitchen Antics said...

glad you tried out the recipe nithya..n its come out well..were you able to do the bruleeing bit under the broiler this time?

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Smita Srivastava said...

Pretty & inviting :) Looks wonderful !!

M D said...

Wow! That looks delicious!

Unknown said...

Havent tasted it...but looks delicious, lovely colors and clicks!

Rashida Shaikh said...

Looks yummy...

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