Sunday, July 2, 2017

Red Velvet Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Helloooo Readers, It has been really Really REALLY long since I did a blog post and trust me I have always wanted to get back to blogging but somehow life kept me very busy and just couldn't give the devotion that I did earlier. But my readers and dear friends who know me really well, consistently kept asking me to get back to blogging and said how they missed reading my posts. Well, obligating to it in a very happy mood today :)

On my favorite and fresh Monday morning I decided to get back to blogging in a tiny teeny way with this sweet post. Its going to be the vibrant and delicious Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting :) Yay!!

The Red velvet cake originally got its color due to the presence of natural element called anthocyanin found in the cocoa powder which reacts to addition of an alkali and turns it red. Sadly the cocoa powder we get these days are way too processed so they don't turn red naturally. Hence we use a lot of food color to it to make these cuppies red.

The red color and the velvety texture of this cake along with the creamy and slightly salty cream cheese frosting makes it stand out of the crowd.

Red velvet cake symbolizes love and here it is for my love for blogging :)


Sugar - 250 gms
Butter - 113 gms
Butter milk - 240 gms (Regular milk 230 gms + 10 gms of vinegar)
Egg - 2 nos
Flour - 250 gms
Salt - 2 gms
Cocoa powder - 15 gms
Vinegar - 5 gms
Cooking soda - 5 gms
Red food color - As desired

Cream cheese frosting:

Whipping cream - 100 gms
Cream cheese - 50 gms


Measure milk and add vinegar to it to make the butter milk. Mix well and allow it to curdle. Add the food color to the mixture and mix until well dissolved.

Cream butter and sugar together until pale and creamy. Add one egg at a time and beat well until well incorporated.

Now add the butter milk mixture little by little to the creamed butter and beat well. Do this process until the whole butter milk mixture is used up. At this stage the batter might look curdled but don't worry as you add in the dry ingredients, they would get back to normal batter consistency and look.

Measure the maida, cocoa powder and salt together. Now fold these dry ingredients into the above mixture gently. Mix it gently to form a smooth batter without lumps.

Finally mix the baking soda and the vinegar in a small bowl and mix it well. The mixture will bubble up, quickly add it to the batter and mix it well.

Preheat the oven to 170 degree Celsius.  Line the cupcake tray with liners.

Pour in the above made batter to 2/3rd of the cups. Bake them in the middle rack for about 18-25 mins. Check if done by poking a tooth pick into the cupcake.

Allow it to cool down completely on a wire rack.

Cream cheese frosting:

Take non dairy whipping cream in a beater bowl and whip until stiff peaks.

Fold in room temperature cream cheese to the whipped cream.

Use this frosting on the cupcakes and sprinkle cake crumbs for decoration :)

Written by: Nithya
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Chitz said...

Wow... I love that red velvet in a jar so much.. makes me drool and tempts me to the core 😍

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Hari Chandana Ponnaluri said...

These look super cute and perfect.. Welcome back, Nithya! :)

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